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Ever thought of volunteering in your own community? Please consider putting your talents to use at the Lanesville Community Center. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Donate a few hours every so often to help out with upcoming events planned by the LCC board. We always need help setting up and breaking down events, and occasionally we need people to staff a fundraising table or help with refreshments. Even a couple of hours can help; you don’t have to commit to a certain number of hours a month. If you see an event that appeals to you, please email the center at

  • Join the LCC board of directors and become part of the planning and decision-making team

  • Help with fundraising. We need a new roof, and it won’t be cheap!

  • Help with maintaining the grounds. Can you build a bocce court? Are you good with flower gardens?

  • Volunteer your expertise in graphic arts, law, non-profit management, gardening, or whatever makes you happy and strengthens the running of the LCC

  • Donate items from our wish list*

  • Use your talents and connect your passion to a program of your own choice at the LCC. If you offer a program free to community members, the use of the space is free. If you charge for an event, we ask for a nominal fee of 10% with a minimum payment of $25.00. Start that knitting group, guide a meditation night, hold a book group, host a once-a-month dance night using your dance-friendly playlists, offer a quilting workshop.. . . the possibilities are endless. Please see our “Using the Facility” tab for more information about holding events

Please email to offer your time in any way that makes sense to you

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