Board of Directors


To contact a member of the Board of Directors, please send an email to In the subject line, type in <Attn:  Board Member’s Name>.


  • Chris Wagner, President
  • Cheryl Mazer, Vice President
  • Pharrel Wener, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Enfield, Secretary

Board Members

  • Sandy Burton
  • Jennifer Lee Levitz
  • Judith Olson
  • Hakim Maza
  • Susan Maza
  • Valerie Nelson
  • Don Ojantakanen
  • Mary Beth Pereira

 Associate (non-voting) members

  • Brianna Hodgkins

Former Board Members:

  • Jim Flint, Jean Jacobson, Meredith Glaser, David Young, David Hayes, Frank Garrison, Tim Miller, Linda Heafy, Laurie Ure, KatlinWagner, and Osha Rose Saylor