Lanesville Community Center, Est. 1954

You Make the Difference

In September 2014,  the “Love it or Lose it Campaign” galvanized the passions of many Lanesvillians. The Lanesville Community Center underwent a shift in leadership. Jim Flint and his fellow officers stepped down in order to open the path for some fresh ideas from a new group. All of the long serving board members stepped aside into a non-voting Associate Board Member role to make way for the class of 2014!

The Lanesville Community Center is excited to see what 2015 brings, but we need help from the whole community. Please donate what you can so that we can continue Art in Lanesville, The Lanesville Music Festival, Senior Socials, and any other events that we as a community feel the desire to host. The Lanesville Community Center cannot survive on rental income alone.

If you wish to make a donation, please go to our website to make a donation via PayPal:


Our address to mail a donation is:

Lanesville Community Center

P.O. Box 7044

Gloucester, MA 01930


A huge thank you to the following board members who served for many years, in some cases for decades:  Jim Flint, Frank Garrison, Meredith Glaser, David Hayes, Linda Heafey, Jean Jacobson, Tim Miller, Lee Steele, Pete Tibetts, Laurie Ure, and Dave Young.

Another huge thank you to the following community members who stepped up to lead the Lanesville Community Center forward in its 60th Anniversary Year and beyond:  Shep Abbott, Les Bartlett (Secretary), Ross Burton, Wes Dukes (President), Elizabeth Enfield, Jennifer-lee Levitz, Hakim Maza, Cheryl Mazer, Valerie Nelson, Don Ojantakanen, MaryBeth Perrera, Katherine Prum (Rental Coordinator), David Swanson, Chris Wagner (Vice President) and Pharrel Wener (Treasurer).

The biggest thank you of all goes to all of Lanesville. Without you we would just be another Community Center.

You make the Difference.

Happy Holidays,