Lanesville Community Center 2017 Appeal


November 2017

Since two years ago when we reached out to all of you as neighbors and friends of Lanesville and asked what activities you’d like to see at the Community Center, we’ve been steadily expanding our programming and opening our doors to welcome in the community:

  • Our Annual Music Festival had, by many accounts, an even better line-up of musicians this September and on another beautiful sunny day!
  • Our history and cultural series expanded with our 2nd Annual May Day History Festival and in August, a Celebration of Sisu, with a lecture on the Kalevala, a Traveling Sauna, food and music, and a stunning art show on Resilient Landscapes of Cape Ann with Les Bartlett and Susan Quateman.
  • Our Ice Cream Social was a great time for the community to connect and share a relaxed Sunday early evening together.
  • Welcome Baskets are being delivered to new Lanesville residents and our collaborative partnership with other organizations continues to develop.
  • And, in terms of discussions around neighborhood concerns, we convened a Community Forum in early June and an At-Large City Council Debate in late October, where many of you spoke with the candidates about the crisis in housing costs and scale of development.  Our Ward 4 Councilor Val Gilman has also convened a number of Ward meetings at the Center.

Because of your contributions each year, we are able to continue to build on this programming and to maintain our historic dairy barn and grounds, including with your help, installing a new roof this summer.  We look forward to 2018, with thoughts for a Coffee House Music Series, a Finnish-American music festival, and continued work on the housing crisis and other neighborhood concerns.  We welcome your ideas for additional themes and events!

We hope you will consider a gift to the LCC by responding with the attached card or by linking to our website. Your generosity is what keeps the doors open and the lights on and makes all these gatherings possible.

Thanks for your support!